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Post by Matrosov Yotsuba on Sun Jan 26, 2014 3:32 am

Forum Rules

  • Here at the E.FF community we respect everyone, no one is allowed to discriminate another here for trivial reasons.
  • We do not tolerate racism or any discriminatory remarks within the forums or servers this includes harassing anyone.
  • We do hold the right to remove anyone with out their approval, so behave in the forums and our servers.
  • We expect everyone to follow all statutes and rules, refusal to do so will result in a ban or probation depending on your community status. Any debate should be done so in a civil manner, no one is allowed to "flame" or this may result in a ban.
  • Under no circumstance is a member allowed to exploit, or commit to fraud within E.FF servers.
  • No topics on the discussion of pirating of any copyrighted materials, if your caught discussing or distributing copyrighted material you will be banned and no appeal can be submitted.
  • No pornographic images can be posted on E.FF forum(s) or server(s), anyone caught in posting or distributing pornographic material will be banned and no appeal can be submitted.
  • No user is to engage in actions that are considered "spam", spamming or posting links to harmful domains and websites will result in a ban.
  • No user is to use "bots" or automated scripts, executable's and software that interferes with E.FF server(s). This will result is not only a ban but if applicable criminal actions will be taken serious and possibly court action.

Please message an Admin for more information.

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